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First Lady
By Rochelle Pearson

Rochelle Pearson’s explosive new book, “First Lady” is near and dear to her heart. The author is concerned with exposing the ugly truth behind the beautiful, beaded, and branded lives of women who are married to pastors. All that glitters ‘aint’ gold and no matter what, the truth must be told.

Pearson is an ordained minister and lives in southern Florida.

Book Description

First Lady: The Truth Shall Set You Free is the poignant story of three women whose desires to be First Lady proved that all that glittered was not gold as once told. Realization from the attention, the glamour, and the fame that accompanies being a First Lady came to a head.

Each woman soon realized that being a First Lady was not all it was cracked up to be. The lies, deceit, the hurt, and the pain that comes with being a First Lady forced them to face reality.

The defeats and triumphs of their story will highlight things in your life and help you to see your true self.

At the end of the day, one has to be true to self, be you, live you, and do you in the truth and the spirit of life.



Book Excerpt

Word would get to me about who Pastor Johnathan was sleeping and going out with, but I knew he wasn’t going anywhere. How could he? He would lose everything, and I mean everything.

I knew too many of my husband’s secrets.

Besides, at my age, I wouldn’t dare consider marrying anyone else, so he would have to pay me alimony for the rest of my life, or at least for a good part of my remaining years.

Me and my man would just live off of his money.

What was it all for I ask myself? When we are in the prime of our lives, we fail to think that if we live long enough we get older. We may or may not get sick. But we lose our youthful look. Body parts begin to sag. Some of us have to get medication to help get the sex drive back that we use to have when we were younger.

As I look back over my life I realized that it has come to this.

At the end of it all I ask myself was it worth it?