Green Tea &
Other Forms of Mediation
By Latrea Wyche

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LaTrea Wyche is originally from a small area right outside of Washington DC called PG County MD. She currently lives in Fayetteville NC with her husband and their daughter.

Latrea was born with Phiffer Syndrome, a rare genetic disorder that causes the bones in your skull and other parts of your body to not fuse properly.

Phiffer Syndrome also causes LaTrea to be vision and hearing impaired. Latrea has had over 30-45 operations to correct various health problems.

In the midst of her physical issues, she also dealt with family issues such as parents who were addicted to drugs. Defying the odds, Latrea pressed forward earning a BA in Psychology and a Master in Education.

As founder of her own business, Discovering Your Abilities (DYA), LaTrea has truly found her calling. DYA is a life coaching company developed solely to empower people with disabilities.

Her company provides a platform for people with various disabilities to learn who they are outside of their disabilities. This is done through workshops and one-on-one coaching sessions.

Discovering Your Abilities (DYA) is a client centered company, meaning we are focused on helping our clients find their voice, talent(s) and skill set(s).

DYA also provide tools to help people with disabilities draw from their internal strengths and realize they are more capable than they realize!

Discovering Your Abilities

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