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Mrs. GreenJeans Soothes The Blues By Ebony Jackson Brown

Biography of Ebony Jackson Brown

Author Ebony Jackson Brown is a retired Air Force wife who began her career as a childcare provider for military families during her husband’s career in 1995.

She later decided she wanted to care for military personnel and families in a different capacity and sought an education in social work. Ebony graduated with a bachelor’s degree from Methodist University in the field of social work. Subsequently Ebony graduated from the University of Southern California earning a Master of Social Work Degree, with a concentration in mental health and military social work.

The series, Mrs. GreenJeans, highlights diversity and reminds us that mental illness is not discriminatory among races, ethnicity, or culture. The books offer an inclusive and climatic representation of the capacity to which therapists affect change and growth in individuals and emphasizes the importance of therapy in our society. Therapists are professionals whom individuals should seek for direction and support while attempting to navigate life’s problematic circumstances and situations.

The goal of the Mrs. GreenJeans series (storybooks, workbooks, and activity books) is to combat the stigma of mental health services so that seeking and engaging in mental health services is normalized. Ebony Jackson Brown continues to provide care to military personnel and their families as a licensed clinical social worker. She and her husband of 26 years reside in North Carolina with their four children.

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