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Twinkle By Akire Lynn Williamson

Biography of Akire Lynn Williamson

author photo twinkleAkire Lynn Williamson was born July 3, 2008 in North Little Rock, Arkansas to Erika Ousley and Arthur Williamson. As a baby, Akire displayed gifted capabilities other babies didn’t show. She developed a love for hearing stories, learning her ABCs, and watching television. As she grew, she became a wonderful big sister, nurturing her little sister and brother.

Once in Kindergarten, she learned to read and that love has continued to grow throughout her years at Tollison Elementary school. There she excelled and blossomed into an honor student and an awesome friend.

As big sister, Akire started reading to her siblings every night. Then when she entered the 1st and 2nd grades, she began writing stories. From her love of writing stories, her desire to author books grew tremendously. She carries her journal with her at all times.

Now as a third grader at Murrell Taylor Elementary School, Akire’s extraordinary talent will now be on display for the world to see with her debut book, “Twinkle.”

Akire’s family is very proud and supportive of the young author and know that this is only the first of many more publications.

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Author Akire Williamson